March 14, 2011

Unknown Reviewer

If anyone hasn’t guessed that “Inky Reviewer” is a pseudonym, please allow me to burst your bubble now. Yes, it’s a pseudonym and no, I don’t have any desire to tell you who the person behind the pseudonym is. I have several reasons for that, actually, all of which are valid to me at this point in time. If that ever changes, I’ll let you all know.

By the way, it won’t do you any good to look at this picture and try to reverse engineer it to match someone you know or have heard of. It’s a stock photo 🙂

I’m a life-long avid reader and make my living in the field of technical communications. I also write and edit fiction on the side. Even with all that going on, I still find time to read and I like to share my opinion with others. I’ve worked as a reviewer for several review sites but found aspects of working (even as a volunteer) for other people’s review sites to be really frustrating and sometimes nonsensical, at least to me. Since I still wanted to keep reviewing, I decided to open my own site instead. This way I can make the rules, write reviews the way I think they should be written, and work at my own pace. I also have more freedom to review whatever I want to or like to read and I have a very wide reading list.

I want this site to be about the books, not myself or anything else.

Because of this, I promise that:

  • All reviews are my honest opinion of the book.
  • All reviews are written by one person – me.
  • No reviews are done for money or other returns besides reading the book, if it happens to be provided to me for the purpose of review.
  • I will not review books by friends or others that I cannot effectively separate my review from any friendship or personal relationship.
  • I will always try not to spoil the book for readers by offering too much or too key information in my reviews.
  • I will be polite and thorough.

I hope you enjoy this new website and my reviews. There’s a Contact Form available if you wish to drop me a note or send me a request.

If you are an author whose book I have reviewed and you want to obtain more information on comments or criticisms I’ve made, please feel free to drop me a note also. I don’t have any problem explaining my opinion in greater detail than in the actual review. Usually greater detail means spoilers and I have to balance how much I reveal in the course of a review.


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