Review: Savor the Danger by Lori Foster
4 Stars , Reviews - Books / June 14, 2011

Savor the Danger was a fast-paced, action-packed but hot, sexy romance. Ms. Foster has packed it with fantastic characters that are both strong and vulnerable and even sarcastic but loving. I liked that the plot took twists I didn’t anticipate and even when I guessed what might be going on, I wasn’t sure. I had to keep reading. I must admit, as a dedicated animal lover, I also loved the fact this entire series had animal characters as well and the interaction of those animals with humans gave us insight into the softer hearts in these alpha heroes.

Review: Trace of Fever by Lori Foster
4.5 Stars , Reviews - Books / May 8, 2011

I really enjoyed Trace of Fever and devoured it the moment I was able to get it for review. I truly enjoyed the pacing and the story but was struck by Trace’s not being too manly to make friends with a cat and his concern that even Priss pet is kept safe. That touched me. I enjoyed Priss’ attempts to fend for herself though I admit there were a few times I wanted to shake her by her hair when she pulled what was almost a TSTL action. Ms. Foster’s voice and the story pace kept those moments from distracting me too much, though.

Review: When You Dare by Lori Foster
4.5 Stars , Reviews - Books / April 6, 2011

When You Dare is a book I’ve been looking forward to for quite a while. Molly is a really fun heroine in that she’s an author of romantic suspense. As When You Dare unfolded, I could see little tidbits of real-life author issues pop up. Dare is an interesting mix of distrustful operative and someone who really does want to have close relationships with a few select people but doesn’t know who he can trust or if he can trust anyone human. I’ve been a Lori Foster fan since the Buckthorn Brothers series and this book did not disappoint. I’ll be happy to recommend it. 4.5 Stars. Published by Harlequin, 4/26/2011.